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The Transporter Cab Chassis is ready for anything. From long-distance drives to hauling heavy machinery, it’s got the job done for over 70 years. And now, this local legend just received an upgrade. With a larger, sturdy dropside tray, along with three-six seats. The Transporter Single and Dual Cab Chassis are set to help you, and your business grow.

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Gets the job done

Built for the toughest job

Whether you’re powering through the great outdoors or winding through side streets, the Transporter Cab Chassis is built for the job. With a powerful engine and enough capacity to store anything.

Dropside tray

Keep calm and carry more

The Transporter Chassis single and dual cabs are designed to be sturdy and spacious, so that you can get the job done, no matter the load. Both Transporter models come with a drop side tray manufactured with a robust surface, aluminium tray, rear step and retaining cables. So that you can transport heavy machinery and goods without a fuss.


Get the team together

The Transporter 6.1 Cab Chassis is available with two different seating options, depending on the needs of your business. The single cab has enough space for 3 people and extra cargo, while the dual cab can accommodate the whole team of up to 6.


A force on the road

The Transporter Cab Chassis comes complete with 146kWs of power coursing through its circuitry. So that whether you’re going uphill or downhill, you can power through anything. For even more control, The Transporter Cab Chassis has a DSG gearbox, this gives you the smoothest and most efficient shifting. Let the control unit work automatically, using information such as speed, accelerator position and driving mode, or shift gears manually via Tiptronic gear lever.

Safety by numbers

All Transporter 6.1 Cab Chassis models come with countless innovations and features to keep you safe on the job.

Safety as standard

We've got you

Whenever you’re on the road, the Transporter 6.1 Cab Chassis has your back. Our Transporters are packed with features to keep you out of trouble, including Front Assist with City Emergency Brakes and Multi-Collision Brakes.4

Driver Assistance Systems

Always on the lookout

We never lose sight of the importance of road safety. That’s why our Transporter vehicles have a range of optional driver assistance systems including Adaptive Cruise Control and Highbeam Light Assist.4


Light the way

For those late-night drives, the Transporter Cab Chassis is equipped with H7 twin halogen headlights. Designed with long range and excellent lateral illumination, so that you can own the road at all hours.

Your one-stop workshop

The small details matter when you’re on the road all day. That’s why we’ve fitted the Transporter Cab Chassis with a range of features to keep you comfortable, connected and secure during your day-to-day business.

Driver comfort

Like a desk chair but better

Getting from A to B has never been comfier. The Transporter Cab Chassis has been designed with driver comfort in mind. With an endlessly adjustable steering wheel and driver seat, dimensionally stable comfort cushioning and a redesigned dash panel to make your seat as customisable as any desk chair.


Stay in touch

We’ve given our infotainment features an update. Namely our redesigned dash panel including a 6.5” colour touchscreen with Apple CarPlay® and Bluetooth® capabilities. So that you can manage business calls, initiate optional onboard navigation and listen to the radio, without losing focus on the road. 6

Load securing

Not a thing out of place

The Transporter Cab Chassis is fitted with clever features like lashing eyes and stable safety locks. It even has a step made of aluminium chequer plate, so that you can easily get in and out of your vehicle at a moment’s notice. If you need somewhere to secure tools then the optional lockable storage boxes fitted under the tray could be a solution.

Features & Colours

Customise Your Choice

Features of Single Cab

  • 3 seater
  • Factory fitted Alloy tray with fold down sides and tailgate
  • Front Assist with City Emergency Brake (City EB) function
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Composition colour audio system (6")
  • App-Connect
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Features of Dual Cab

  • 6 seater (3 +3)
  • Factory fitted Alloy tray with fold down sides and tailgate
  • Front Assist with City Emergency Brake (City EB) function
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Composition colour audio system (6")
  • App-Connect
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Volkswagen Terms & Condtions

  • 2. Based on optional Alloy tray
  • 3. Payload is defined as the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) minus the Kerb Mass. Payload is the maximum combined weight of occupants, cargo, added structures and tow ball down weight (when towing). GVM must not be exceeded.
  • 4. Safety technologies are designed to assist the driver, but should not be used as a substitute for safe driving practices.
  • 6. Wireless App-Connect featuring wireless Apple CarPlay® & wireless Android Auto™ is compatible for selected apps with the latest smartphone versions of iOS and Android, active data service required, optional connection cable (sold separately).
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