Maintenance Tips

One of your Volkswagen's greatest attributes is its reputation for reliability, but that's not to say you shouldn't take care to keep it that way. Regular maintenance and care, along with regular servicing at your Volkswagen Service Centre, will assist in maintaining your vehicles performance, and hold your vehicles value for future years to come. We have included some professional advice to keep your Volkswagen in top shape.


Volkswagen engines contain many moving parts, and like all mechanical componentry, require a certain level of maintenance. A well serviced engine gives you the benefit of improved fuel efficiency as well as maximum reliability and an enhanced resale value. By following some simple tips you will promote the longevity of your vehicles engine.


Your Volkswagen is factory equipped with tyres which offer optimum handling stability and performance under normal driving conditions. Tyres are the only contact between your vehicle and the road and allow your vehicle to accelerate, corner and stop. It is paramount to look after your tyres to ensure the vehicle responds accurately to the drivers input. Like many other vehicle components some simple tyre checks can be undertaken and observed.


Brakes are an important safety feature of every Volkswagen that enables you to slow or stop your vehicle at any given moment. Volkswagen genuine brake pads have been designed and tested to best suit your vehicle. At every Volkswagen inspection service the brakes are checked and tested. The life of your brake pads greatly depends on your individual driving style or the environment you drive in.

Electrical system

The electrical system in your vehicle distributes vital power to the various electrical components and accessories from your vehicles battery. Your vehicles alternator assists in maintaining the power to your vehicles battery.

Filling Up

When filling up your vehicle please note the surrounding warnings at the service station. Failure to abide by these safety warnings can result in a fire, explosion and injury. Often little thought is given when refuelling, but a few important points should be observed.

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